Payor Contracting and Rate Negotiations

The reimbursement rates negotiated with managed care companies in your local market are critical to a healthy margin. Ensuring you’re being paid fairly requires an understanding of best practices prior to successful contract negotiation

Coastal Healthcare Consulting Group has decades of experience with managed care contracting and a long history of successful results. We have years of experience contracting with payors, medical groups, with all product lines including HMO, PPO, Managed Medi Cal, Government products and hybrids. Our work over the years has enabled us to build relationships with major health plans, medical groups and a multitude of physicians has allowed us to bring valuable insights and expertise to our clients.

We have a long track record and an excellent reputation for bringing strategic and technical skills to assist clients in reimbursement strategies, rate negotiations, strategic planning and staff training. We understand the market and can bring the skills to help negotiate this ever changing environment. Lets us improve your revenue stream!

Managed Care Contracting Services:

  • IContract Negotiations
  • IPayor Fee Schedule Evaluations
  • IContract Language Review
  • IProduct Line Review and Analysis
  • IBusiness Development and Strategic Planning

Who we help:

  • ISurgery Centers
  • IMedical Groups – Small, Large, Single or Multiple Specialties
  • IAncillary Providers
  • ISolo Practitioners
  • IUrgent Care